Lady Karma Keeps her Promises

Remember when The Orange One introduced his first totally duplicitous 2020 campaign slogan … “Promises Made Promises Kept?”

I frantically looked for the “kept” part of those promises.  After 30 minutes I quit … realizing the only promise kept was the tax cut for the wealthiest of our nation.

We’re still waiting for his new health care bill … his rescue of our public education system … his “America First” return of manufacturing jobs … his standing up to China … and particularly his promise that “we would get tired of all the winning.”

But … we know who keeps her promises … the great and wondrous “Lady Karma!”


In a series of spectacular COVID laced events led by The “I’m OK-You’re-Not” Orange One … Lady Karma took the opportunity to wipe out 35+ DC Swamp Denizens who attended the COVID-19 Super Spreaders.

Here’s the “Top Billing” for infected Swampers …


Promises Kept … Hope Hicks  … the staffer who just can’t stay away from the MAGA Family … returned after her bout with the Mueller Panel only to be crowned as “The 2020’s COVID Queen” … holding the dubious honor as “Super Spreader of the Super Spreader!”  Oooh … Covid Queen a “Big Loser” to the Karma Queen!

Promises Kept … Stephen Miller … the guy who allegedly engineered the Mexico Border “Lock ups” … laces The Orange One’s speeches with racist and white supremacist hate language … whose pregnant wife has already contracted Corona virus. “Stevie Wonder” … you can run but you can’t hide from Lady Karma!

Promises Kept … Kellyanne Conway … who to be fair left the Swamp earlier to “help save her family” … then returned to attend the Rose Garden Spreader … and then infected her daughter … the one she was “trying to save.”  Lady Karma … sometimes she moves on you without even asking!

Promises Kept … Ex-governor of New Jersey Chris Christie … in the hospital after spending up-close-and-personal-time coaching The Orange One on “The-Art-of-Debate-Interruption” … also seen hugging, kissing and interrupting folks in the Rose Garden … Christie – proud owner of several co-morbidities – went directly to the hospital after testing positive.  “Karma, how I love ya, how I love ya … my dear friend Karma!”

Promises Kept … To you enabling senators and congressmen who refused to wear masks and social distance … who ignored the doctors and scientists … who schmoozed through the last 10 days cramming RBG’s replacement down our throats … how does it feel to have Lady Karma bite you on your Coronavirus ass?

Just sayin’ …

5 thoughts on “Lady Karma Keeps her Promises

  1. Golly-Gee-Wilikers Herr Huss Puppy!
    This Lady Karma of which you speak…is she related to Lady Karmann Ghia? Or Lady Gaga?
    No matter. What scares me is that Baltimore boy H.L. Mencken’s “Nobody ever went broke under-estimating the intelligence of the American public” is (sadly) as true today as it was when he said it. That means the Orange One will still rack up millions of votes. So, if you haven’t voted already…PLEASE…vote Biden-Harris!
    Or Lady Karma will get you, too!

  2. What an amusing beginning to the day.
    The dream this morning of a truck in front of our home staying God delivers. No, I didn’t see what was on offer until I opened up Lady Karma

    What fun…

  3. KellyAnne Conway reminds me of the person in the mob movies who’s trying to get out, thinks she’s gotten out, but is “enticed” to do “one last job” to be “free!”

    FWIW – We try to avoid any mention of KellyAnne Conway in our house, but when we do, we just refer to her as “KAC!” and run around like crazed headless chickens – KAC! KAC!

  4. Richard, this was one of your best. There sure aren’t any flies buzzing around YOUR head! Yeah, concerning Criminal -in-Chief catching Corona, I wonder how his supporters/enablers explain how it took a whole truckload of top doctors, one of the best hospitals in the world, and “miracle medicine” to get him through nothing more serious than “a common cold?” Obviously, Lady Karma has the answer!

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