Re-emergence is Hard to Do … Gen-X Brood Cicadas Come Out

Life’s been a bit tough for Brood X Cicadas,.  Witness …


Re-emergence is hard to do …

We think we had it tough emerging after our COVID isolation … switch places with our friendly Brood X Cicadas!

Brood X’ers did 17 years underground in “the hundred acre wood” … soft loamy dirt with lotsa roots for leisurely munching … a little piece of paradise and a good cicada larva life.

Perfect for 17 year gestation periods.  What could go wrong?

Cicada #1:  Where are we?  What happened to the woods?

Cicada #2:  Holy cicada crap … now it’s a 100 acres of asphalt.  Where’s Pooh Bear?

C#1:  Kee-r-i-i-i-st … where’re our millions of brothers and sisters?  All I see is Joni Mitchell’s “paved-over-paradise-parking-lot” … a few scrawny trees in a waste land!  What’s a “Dairy Queen” anyway?

C#2:  Maybe we made a wrong turn just before we popped out.  Uh oh … what’s that monstro rollin’ toward us?  Aargh … frump, frump … crunch!

Super-sexed … but no pecker …

Cicada #1:  Can you believe?  We wait 17 years to get laid and now this happens.  There oughta be a law!

Cicada #2:  Quit whining and keep shrugging … we got no chance until we’re outta this muck and get some new skin.

C1:  I feel weird … kinda like I’m already horny … really horny … you’re even looking good!

C2:  Hey, muck breath … take a look in the mirror … “the cicada fungus is amung us!”  You may feel horny but your “horn” ain’t beepin’ if ya know what I mean.  Half your body’s missing … and I hate to break it to ya … it’s the “horn-half” you’re missin’!

“Let them eat Cicada cakes”

In a wicked bow to Marie Antoinette and the French Revolution, folks are baking Brood X Cakes.  Take this one made with chocolate … which we all know makes everything taste better.

And I do mean everything!

The recipe’s a complicated “made-from-scratch” double chocolate cake slathered with cream cheese amaretto chocolate icing … what’s not to like?

But wait … where’re the effing Cicadas?  They’re artfully placed around the base of the cake and pressed into the “chocolatey” top.

That’s a blatant “Where’s the beef?” violation if I’ve ever seen one!

WTF … if you’re gonna feed ‘em a Cicada cake … bake and grind up the little suckers and make your own “Cicada flour” … now we’re talkin’ “real Cicada Cake!”

Otherwise shop local and pick up a “Duncan Hines mix” … cicadas not included!


Or … if you’re into food adventures like my faves … Martha, Rachel, Ina, and Giada … fondue fork the lively little boogers … and trench them through your own bubbly Vesuvius of hot chocolate sauce!

Yummm … chocolate covered cicada … probably tastes like chicken.

Just sayin’ …

27 thoughts on “Re-emergence is Hard to Do … Gen-X Brood Cicadas Come Out

    • Thanks, Grover … hope all’s been well with you … good to be back in the writer’s saddle … thanks for checking in … HUSS

  1. Welcome home, dear friend. Don’t wait what seemed like 17 more years!

    • Hey Jim … Computer blew up … no way we were having anyone in the house until all the COVID shit calmed down … but we’re up and running again … thanks for checking in … HUSS

    • Thanks, Connie … At least it wasn’t a 17 year wait … time for me to restart and get back in the saddle …

      Thanks for reading and commenting … HUSS

  2. One of your best ever! But I notice that you didn’t really say if they taste like chicken or not. I guess you’re kindly leaving them all for Mari. What a sweet generous guy!

    • Hi Janet … “Sweet?” “Generous?” You must be talking about someone else! But … you’re right about not knowing what they taste like … no amount of chocolate will entice me to engage in cicada crunching.

      Thanks for reading and commenting … HUSS

    • Aaww c’mon, Laurie … chocolate makes everything better! However, truth being told here … no amount of chocolate will get me to crunch a bug that’s spent 17 years rootin’ around in dirt!

      Thanks for reading … HUSS

    • Hey, Oops … glad you and Tzuri made it back to Yellowstone … I’m just an “old cowpoke riding that ‘old jism trail” … pleasure seeker that I am, I’ll still be “keepin’ it up” … so to speak … HUSS

    • Hey Steve … Glad you’re back from you trip west … your photos were “unreal” … thanks for letting me enjoy your hikes without any physical effort!

      Appreciate your reading and commenting … HUSS

  3. Welcome back! Good to know you survived the ‘rona and that you haven’t lost your sense of humor. But the thought of eating cicadas, even covered in chocolate, makes me gag!

    • Hi Joy … I’m sure I’ve lost some of my “marbles” but my sense of humor seems to be still intact after months of isolation, angst and “Elvising” my TV from watching 24-7 news.

      Cicadas & chocolate’s not on mu plate either … thanks for reading and commenting … HUSS

    • Yahoo right back at ya, Nancy! Great to be back in the “Writer’s Saddle” and pecking away at my keyboard … thanks for reading and commenting … HUSS

    • Hey, Maggie … The “Mouth of the South” has found new life … finally got a new system up and running … will be back in the groove again … appreciate your checking in on me … HUSS

  4. Hilarious, Hermanito,

    It does seem like 17 years since you last wrote. Gracias por regresar.

    • De nada, Hermanita … it sure feels good to be back writing … my computer did the “blowing up thing” just before the pandemic panic shutdown so we had no way to safely have someone look at it … finally installed a new system and am trying to get back into the groove …

      Thanks for checking in … starting over is tough to do … but I’m off to a good start … until next week … adios, HUSS

    • Hi Marian … Thanks for reading and responding … sure am glad I live down here now where we have our annual cicada mini-invasion instead of a 17 year mass invasion …

      In spite of what I wrote, I have not and will note partake of a “cicada sampler plate” even if it tastes like fried chicken!

      It’s good to be writing again … HUSS

    • Hi Steve … It’s been a long time … COVID interruptions plus my computer blew up and I didn’t want someone in the house during all the pandemic hype so I went dormant … unfortunately, I also lost a lot of my writing which was “backed up” in the cloud … Oh, boy here’s to celebrating a new start …

      Thanks for reading and commenting … HUSS

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