Fruit Fly Brain vs The Red Capped MAGA Brain

The brain of a fruit fly is about the size of a poppy seed … and about as easy to overlook as the brain of The Red Capped MAGA GOP Baser.

Most people don’t think of a fly as having a brain … but, according to research recently reported in the New York Times … flies can lead quite rich lives.

That’s at least one step up when compared to The Red Capped MAGA Baser … whose life-view appears to match that of a green-slime-swamp-dwelling-denizen.


Flies are capable of sophisticated behaviors like navigating diverse landscapes … but so are Devin “The-Presidential-Buttboy-And-Midnight-Messenger” Nunes (soon to be the “Truth Social Platform Buttboy”) and Sean “The-Ex-Hedge-Hiding-Press-Avoider” Spicer.

Flies engage in tussling with rivals … but then The Red Capped Basers brag of Corey “I-Haven’t-Met-A-Woman-I-Wouldn’t-Like-To-Pound” Lewandowsky and Montana’s new GOP governor Greg “I-Haven’t-Met-A-Reporter-I-Wouldn’t-Like-To-Body-Slam” Gianforte.

Hmmm … we might have a bit of a problem with our next comparison because flies like to “serenade” their new partners … while our experience reveals that a Red Capped MAGA Baser’s idea of romance is along Cro-Mangon lines … a little clubbing followed by p***y grabbing concluded with a traditional hair drag to the man cave.


Researchers tell us that the speck size of the fly brain is incredibly complex containing 100,000 neurons and tens of millions of connections, or synapses, between them.

Rigorous scientific research … and the latest Vegas odds … reveal little if any neural activity and no connections with real life decision making in the average Red Capped Baser brain … which is also reported as “speck sized” … and okay with wearing an elk antler headdress to a capitol riot site.


A large portion of the fly brain is crucial for sleep, learning and navigation.

In that other brain, the central function appears to focus entirely on Pabst Blue Ribbon beer consumption … KFC and Mickey D mega meals … absorbing endless conspiracy theories from specious sources and publicly displaying their fetish for high-powered automatic weapons.


Members of the fruit fly brain research team identified specific neural pathways that seem to help the fly keep track of its head and body orientation … they don’t think they’re “going to the Capitol Building for a picnic.”

The amazing fruit fly thinks like a GPS … they know where they’re going and generally can take the most direct route to get there.  They’re not like a wandering-lost-Texas-pickup-truck-tribe searching for the parking spot closest to the front door at Hooters!


So listen up Buttercup MAGA Hatters … you’ve met your match and it’s not a Democrat, an Independent, a BLM supporter, a Libtard, or even a Biden “Brandon Lover!”

It’s a tiny Effing fly with a brain the size of a poppy seed!

So if you want to see the size of the brain that’s kicking your political ass … go chomp on a poppy seed bagel!

Just sayin’ …