A Huss-ssay is my “take” on world situations – sometimes; and my own situations – other times.

Huss-ssays are essays meant to be seriously funny, with an offbeat look at life’s foibles, and how we humans constantly exhibit our propensity to be … well, human.  We are dramatic at times and at times have accomplished unimaginable feats.  We also have been unimaginable fools.

I hope you have as much fun reading Huss-ssays as I do writing them!

Amazing Grace

Sometimes you just can’t poke at, make fun of, or be sarcastic about the slice of life that just plopped onto your plate.

In a 10 day span, June 17-26, 2015, we experienced numerous lessons about “grace.”  In some ways it was a tough 10 days and in other ways it...Read More »

The Date Code Wars

There’s a never-ending holy war raging just beneath the surface at our house.  One of those Mars vs. Venus male vs. female things that never gets resolved.  I’m talking about irreconcilable differences over the potential life or death consequences of abiding by date codes.

You know what I’m talking about –...Read More »

Cell Phone Etiquette

You know what really burns the hair off my ass?  It’s not the economy, the loss of jobs, the stupidity of the general population, the cost of Medicare or whether people who earn over $250,000 per year should pay more taxes.

It’s cell phones.

Cell phones and the resulting decline in our...Read More »